Anna Carter

Chronologically speaking, Anna loved books, the outdoors, Hanson, the Eucharist, girls, and, finally, an integrated life. Anna now serves as the vision-caster, general ringleader, and resident wordsmith for Eden Invitation. Growing up, her tenacious faith in Jesus predated awareness of her same sex desires. Her passion for catechesis and evangelization brought her to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, NET Ministries, and the high school classroom. She’s passionate about helping the Church serve unmet needs and about helping her friends find good books to read. More from Anna about her story here.

Getting Real: Same Sex Desires & The Disciple’s Walk

“This can’t be real.” I was a theology teacher showing my classroom a video featuring testimonies of devout Catholics experiencing same-sex desires. Despite their same sex attraction, the individuals had...