5 Things You Can Do to Stop Planned Parenthood

“All evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Wow. Read that quote again in the context of abortion.

We know that children are being killed in their mothers’ wombs at an incomprehensible rate — and with the seventh Planned Parenthood video release, we see they even die outside in a dish.

And for me, Burke’s quote is ringing truer than ever before.

We can’t just sit by and let evil triumph without taking the chance to act. So what should we do to stop abortion, specifically Planned Parenthood?

First, read this post by Therese Bussen, and then come back.

Welcome back.

I would like to propose four very practical things, credits to my wife, that each of us can do:

  1. Pray. Pray now. Prayer is always the first thing to do (not the only thing to do, though). We must call upon the Mover of all things moving, the Creator of all creation, the Communion of Love that is our hope. Beg Him for repentance of these parents. For the conversion of the industry. That He would have mercy on us. Let’s pray with every believer, regardless of denomination and fast together.
  2. Show your opposition of Planned Parenthood. Please consider joining a coalition of pro-life groups this Saturday, August 22nd for a National Day of Protest. The prayer event is taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities in 160 cities across America from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. Learn more here: http://protestpp.com.
  3. Vote pro-life. I don’t care if the political candidates have a great point on the right to work or economic growth. Listen to the candidates at EVERY level of government, and vote for those whose policies support life. If they aren’t pro-life (in word and deed), then their policies all stand on top of sand. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishop states in their Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, “A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion…in such cases, a Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in grave evil.” Look over the list of Senators (click here) and how they voted recently on the bill to stop sending over $500 million of our federal tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. If you do not vote for genuinely pro-life candidates (very rare exceptions apply), you are voting for abortion. It’s that simple, sorry. Maybe that’s a tough pill to swallow — but we have to swallow it. Remember, babies are being torn apart.
  4. Call your government officials. Let them know what you support and don’t support. We need to raise our voice and put pressure on the issue…because you know who already is? The pro-abortion folks. They are organized and relentless. And we have the greater cause. So make your voice known! You can find your national leaders here. Ask your local leadership to end your state funding to Planned Parenthood. Do this now. Find who there are right here.
  5. Speak up. I say this for two reasons: a) If you say something, it might give the person next to you the courage to finally say something as well. Then we start to build momentum. b) It’s a start. Don’t ever remain silent because you don’t know where to begin. If you educate yourself on the issue, are praying, contacting government officials and voting pro-life, then the logical next step is to start speaking to people about it. Don’t let yourself live in fear or be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it. You can always go here if you don’t know what to do: www.nrlc.org.

Putting an end to abortion sounds like a daunting task — a monster towering over my feeble resolve, rendering me useless. If you’ve felt this way, believe me, you aren’t alone.

And the good news is you don’t have to take down the abortion industry by yourself. So take a deep breath. Together, we are required to exert influence in every way we can for the cause to take it down. Let’s get going.

And in the process, remember that Jesus Christ became man and died on the Cross so you might live in eternity with Him. He did that for you, for me, for the children lost, for the mothers and fathers involved in abortions and for the workers that allow it to be possible. Remember that as you look them in the eyes and talk with them.

With what strength we have, let us do what we can to bring abortion to an end in our country. Let’s do it today.

Thomas Wurtz
Thomas Wurtz
Thomas started college at the University of San Diego where he played a season of football and joined Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. He transferred his sophomore year to Benedictine College where he played rugby to stay in shape and eventually graduated cum laude with a BS in Biology. It was while at Benedictine College that Thomas was exposed to FOCUS which was a major instrument in his conversion to the Christian life. He joined FOCUS staff in 2001 and served as a missionary and Team Director at Illinois State and as Team Director at Seton Hall. After two years as Men’s Formation Coordinator and receiving his Master’s Degree from the Augustine Institute, he launched Varsity Catholic, a division of FOCUS reaching out to college athletes. He continues to serve as the Director of Varsity Catholic (which has full-time staff working with 16 different athletic departments across the country) and resides with his family in Littleton, CO. He is the author of Compete Inside: 100 Reflections to Help You Become the Complete Athlete. His latest book is Pursuing Freedom: Becoming the Man You Could Be. You can follow Thomas and Varsity Catholic on Facebook and Twitter (@vrsitycatholic).

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