The Most Important Way to Respond to Planned Parenthood’s Scandal

I have to confess what my own initial reaction was to hearing about Planned Parenthood’s selling the body parts of aborted children:

I avoided it.

That’s hard to admit, and I’m not proud of it.

It’s not because I didn’t care. It’s because I care so much. I avoided the news because it breaks my heart.

A third video in the Planned Parenthood exposé surfaced yesterday morning, this time featuring the company’s vice president.  And this time, I watched the video.

My initial reaction finally watching it was that I was partly annoyed that this was all over the news.  Because, yeah, no words in any language can convey how horrible, shocking and awful this is. Selling body parts of a dead human being is unthinkable. But so is abortion itself — the actual killing of these human beings. Why hasn’t the rest of the world chosen to pay attention before this point? The false logic of the pro-abortion argument becomes glaringly obvious with the way the world has reacted.

The New York Times quoted Dr. Susan Fisher, who directs the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Program at the University of California, San Francisco, saying, “These tissues are very valuable for studying human development and finding out what makes it tick.”

So, lemme get this straight. You recognize that these human body parts are valuable for helping other humans. Sure, she didn’t use the word “human” before tissues, but these “tissues” only serve research purposes because they come from other humans.

If an unborn baby’s body parts are human, ALL OF IT IS HUMAN. Not just its body parts. If this is not okay, then killing the baby as a whole shouldn’t be either.

I already knew all of this before. But after watching the video, I’m not going to avoid the issue anymore. Don’t do what I did initially and avoid the news because it hurts too much. It should.

And heck, at least the world is paying attention now. And while we have their attention, here’s what we need to do:

We need to not avoid it. And we need to talk about it more.

How do you not avoid it?

This realization is what woke me up first: that this is a crime against my brothers and sisters. And when I watched that video, I cried. I cried as if someone did that to my own brother or sister.

Your brothers and sisters.

Our brothers and sisters are being murdered, harvested and sold so some executive in Planned Parenthood can have a Lamborghini.

Yes, that’s an actual quote from the video. A Planned Parenthood exec said, “I want a Lamborghini.” It may have been said in jest, but the point remains. No one should joke about getting a nice car from the remains of my dead brother or sister.

These videos wake us up to a reality we already know but so quickly forget about abortion: it exploits the weakest of human beings for the gains of others. It’s not just about a mother choosing to kill her child. It’s about a billion-dollar industry killing for the sake of money.

So here’s the other thing you can do so you don’t avoid it: actually watch the videos.

And then having watched them, do something about it.

Why? Because this isn’t just a red vs. blue war. This is beyond the scope of politics. It is much, much bigger than politics. This is a crime against humanity. And when the lives of our fellow human beings are on the line, there is no room for being politically correct and standing on the sidelines, silent.

This is far from being the only time we’ve had a crime against humanity. We’ve had a couple, actually, fairly recently. Whether it’s been Jews, blacks or the unborn, the people who watched these crimes happen in their time often put their heads down and kept walking. They didn’t say anything. Maybe they were scared. Maybe it hurt them too much to see it, so they pretended not to.

Will we be like those people who, during times of unspeakable acts against humanity, put their heads down and shuffled by? Or, will we speak up and use this momentum to be louder than ever?

Here are three things you can do to speak up:

  1. Share on social media. Watch these videos and share them. Share this post. Whatever you do, get loud.
  2. Educate yourself. Read up on websites and know the facts. You can’t speak up if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Some good places to start: American Life LeagueNational Right to Life and Pro-Life Across America.
  3. Dialogue with others. Ask others where they stand on the issue, and share your stance (now that you’ve educated yourself…RIGHT?). But keep in mind that you should always begin with a loving relationship built on trust and respect before you enter into a discussion on a controversial topic like this one.

Shout this from the rooftops. This news story will die out, but these human lives demand our defense regardless.

The most important thing we can do is to have the courage to let your heart break for your voiceless brothers and sisters so brutally murdered.

And then shout for them.

Therese Bussen
Therese Bussen
Therese lives in glorious Denver, Colorado and grew up in the high desert area of Southern California (and knows what the Israelites felt like waiting in the desert to get to the Promised Land). She graduated from Benedictine College with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Art. When she's not hanging out with friends, Therese enjoys reading, writing, painting, drawing, designing (basically any kind of art), and dancing awkwardly on purpose. She also loves surprising people with her love of shotgun shooting and cigars. Also, a glass of wine is her favorite thing.

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