Men: What Are You Fighting For?

Imagine with me for a moment: It’s 1941, and the Allies need help to defeat Hitler and the Axis powers. Every day, the Nazis are killing thousands of people, brutally unleashing evil across the world. Every moment that the war is not over, another father, mother, sister, brother is sent to the gas chamber. Urgency in this situation is an understatement.

The United States needs soldiers. Upon hearing the call, it’s the women who step up to answer it. They cry out, “Send me! I will train. I will fight. I will storm the beaches of Normandy; I will defeat the enemy and possibly lose my life to save the lives of others.” Obstacles notwithstanding, they let the women fight the war.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the reality: When it was time for the U.S. to enter the war, young men couldn’t be stopped from fighting. They were sneaking away in the night to join the military against their parent’s wishes. They knew they might not return. They were scared out of their minds, but they did it. They did it because it was worth it.

Had our men not stepped up, we would not have won the war.

We are now two generations removed from World War II. Yes, we have grown up knowing conflict, but not nearly on the scale that our grandparents did. From the baby boomers to the millennials, we Americans have enjoyed living in what is possibly the most peaceful, most prosperous time in human history.

There is still a war raging, however—one that is all too easy to ignore.

Men, we need you. There is an enemy who wants to make you forget that he is real: The devil exists, and he is luring you with the glamour of the college lifestyle while he slowly dismantles the culture, desecrating the Church and emasculating you through the temptation of comfort. Why fight for the goodness of our culture when it is just so easy not to?

As your sister in Jesus, I am here to tell you that there are so many beautiful women fighting. We need you in this fight, too!

So I am asking you to do the following:

Choose God’s glory over your own. Only God’s glory lasts. Young men, you are in a position to leave college and make a great name for yourself; choose to make a great name for God instead. I promise it just works better this way. His plan is better; His glory is better. I am asking you to make your plans around Him instead of yourself.

Fight for Your Own Generation. Remember that war I mentioned earlier? We might not be able to see the actual battle raging, but its casualties are everywhere. It’s us. Open your eyes, look at your peers: We no longer know our purpose. Without a doubt, the Lord is calling you to fight for the renewal of our generation and the healing of our culture.

There is no better way to step up to this call than to actually enlist in the fight full-time. Through prayer, discipleship, and encountering others, God could be calling you to be a full-time missionary and return to your corner of the world equipped to win.

He knows your excuses, your sins, your fears. They might be valid, but they are not enough, and they certainly should not keep you for saying yes. Just think: How could God use you if you simply let Him?

Men, as long as we lack male leadership in the Church, we will not win our culture back. The generation that fought in World War II is known as the “Greatest Generation,” because they stepped up and said “yes” to serve the need of their time. We would not be free today if it weren’t for the sacrifices of these noble men.

We need a new generation of the greatest men. Are you in?

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