FOCUS Lenten Bible Study

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Session 8 - Desert Wanderings

Want supplemental resources? Here is the FOCUS Salvation History Bible Study and The Real Story by Curtis and Dr. Sri.

Verses: Numbers 13-14, 25, Deuteronomy 28, 30

Discussion Questions

  1. What are ways that, like the Israelites, you “murmur” about God’s plan for your life? How can we overcome a habit or temptation of complaining about the way that God is leading us?
  2. Israel possessed the law—so knew what was good—but they do not seem to have the ability to keep it. Have you experienced this reality in your own life? How so?
  3. Because of God’s grace in Christ, we now have the ability to keep God’s law. Do you trust that God can truly enable you to follow Him faithfully? Why or why not? Or in what ways is it easy to trust in God’s grace in your life, and in what areas of your life is that difficult?

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“All who believe in Christ should feel, as an integral part of their faith, an apostolic concern to pass on to others its light and joy. This concern must become, as it were, a hunger and thirst to make the Lord known.”

– Pope St. John Paul II