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Session 3 - Noah

Want supplemental resources? Here is the FOCUS Salvation History Bible Study and The Real Story by Curtis and Dr. Sri.

Verses: Genesis 6:5-11

Discussion Questions

  1. Sometimes we may wonder what our world would be like if Adam and Eve never fell. What does this story teach us about fresh starts? When is the last time you’ve tried to solve a problem with a “fresh start”?
  2. We are saved by the wood of the cross through the waters of baptism. How is this foreshadowed in the life of Noah? For further reflection see Wisdom 14:1-7 and CCC 1219-1220.
  3. The children of Noah’s sons, Ham and Shem, take radically different paths. How have you seen the sins and virtues of your ancestors affect your family? What virtues do you hope to pass on to future generations of your family?

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