FOCUS Lenten Bible Study

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Session 12 - Prophecy & Jesus

Want supplemental resources? Here is the FOCUS Salvation History Bible Study and The Real Story by Curtis and Dr. Sri.

Verses: Daniel 7, 9; Isaiah 11; Jeremiah 31; Ezekiel 35; Matthew 1, 4, 16; Acts 1

Discussion Questions

  1. The people of Israel had to wait hundreds of years for some of the prophecies to be fulfilled. How do you respond when you are waiting on God for something in your life? How does this relate to the virtue of hope?
  2. We are now at the end of our study on salvation history. What did you gain by going through this content this year? Where were you before we started? Where are you now? What are you still pondering? And what are some next steps you hope to take in your understanding of the Scriptures and God’s plan for your life?
  3. The Church is, in a certain sense, God’s plan from the beginning (see CCC 759). How does viewing the Church as the means by which God wants to bless the whole human family change the way you view it? And what does it mean for you, personally, to be included in this mission of the Church? How are you called to extend this blessing to others?

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“All who believe in Christ should feel, as an integral part of their faith, an apostolic concern to pass on to others its light and joy. This concern must become, as it were, a hunger and thirst to make the Lord known.”

– Pope St. John Paul II