FOCUS Lenten Bible Study

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Session 10 - Rise of the Kingdom

Want supplemental resources? Here is the FOCUS Salvation History Bible Study and The Real Story by Curtis and Dr. Sri.

Verses: 1 Samuel 1-8, 16-17, 2 Samuel 5-7, 11-12

Discussion Questions

  1. Saul was more concerned with appearances than with obedience to God. How can this attitude creep into our lives? How can we better acknowledge our weaknesses, rather than making it appear that we “have it all together?”
  2. David is referred to as a “man after God’s own heart”. What virtues does David exhibit that reveal God’s heart to us? How can you strive to grow in these virtues in your life?
  3. David was entrusted with a “law for humanity”. How is that fulfilled today in the Church? How are the teachings of the Church a guide and blessing for all humanity?

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“All who believe in Christ should feel, as an integral part of their faith, an apostolic concern to pass on to others its light and joy. This concern must become, as it were, a hunger and thirst to make the Lord known.”

– Pope St. John Paul II