How Do I Know I’m in the Right Major?

College is such a beautiful time of finding yourself, finding who God made you to be, and finding what He wants you to do with your life.

It’s a little scary, too.

But finding God’s will in choosing your major (or in anything in life) isn’t like going on an Easter egg hunt or playing Marco Polo.

We tend to complicate things. God’s will is simple. Not easy, but definitely simple.

One of the coolest quotes I’ve heard when it comes to finding God’s will for your life is this: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner

In other words, God’s will is where you find yourself the most joyful and peaceful. It’s where you find yourself making a change in what you sense the world needs most. That’s where you need to be going.

So, without further ado, here are some tips on figuring out where to go in choosing a major:

Be praying. If you’re praying every day, cultivating a relationship with the God who made you, He won’t lead you astray, trust me. He’ll plant desires in your heart that point you to His will for your life. And when He gives you desires, He will definitely fill them.

What are your talents and gifts? Just on a practical level, do some self-examination and think about what you’re naturally good at. What do people constantly compliment you on? Not that you should look to other people entirely to figure out what to do with your life, but sometimes it really helps to see where you’re being most affirmed.

Can you support yourself with it? Again, just practically. Are you going to be able to support yourself on it? Gotta be real with yourself here.

Would you do this for free? One of the best signs that you’re on the right track is when you’re doing it, you enjoy it so much that you would do it for free. Of course, the idea is that you get paid to do what you love, but the cliché saying: “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life” is really true.

Are you passionate about it? Most people have tons of interests. But the real question is, are you passionate about it? When I was choosing a major, there were tons of things I was interested in: studying the way the mind works and listening to people talk about their lives (therapist?), acting (theatre?), reading (English literature?). But while I enjoyed these things, there were really only two things (writing and art) I was passionate about: they gave me life.

Does it bring you joy? If there is a sense of rightness and lightness in your heart when you imagine yourself doing it (or when you actually do it, which is better), that’s a sign you’re on the right track.

Does it leave you feeling drained? This is not a good sign. On the other hand, if it leaves you tired but still feeling fulfilled, that’s a good sign.

Why do you want to do it? This is one of the best ways to figure out what God wants you to do in your life. If you have an idea of what to do, examine more deeply why you want to do it. A sign that you’re on the right track with choosing a career is that it’s pointed toward serving God and other people.

Another big sign: It will seem bigger than you can handle on your own. It excites you, you feel more alive and fulfilled doing it, but you’re a little bit overwhelmed or scared. That’s good. God’s will for your life will leave you needing Him. But the voice saying, “Trust Me, I’ll be with you when you do it,” is pretty much the Holy Spirit’s check mark of approval.

Therese Bussen
Therese Bussen
Therese lives in glorious Denver, Colorado and grew up in the high desert area of Southern California (and knows what the Israelites felt like waiting in the desert to get to the Promised Land). She graduated from Benedictine College with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Art. When she's not hanging out with friends, Therese enjoys reading, writing, painting, drawing, designing (basically any kind of art), and dancing awkwardly on purpose. She also loves surprising people with her love of shotgun shooting and cigars. Also, a glass of wine is her favorite thing.

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