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FOCUS Greek Healing Resource: Reflecting on your time in Greek life.

Take this resource to your holy hours, and talk to Jesus about your Greek experience as if He doesn’t know anything about it. Remember: always be focused on Jesus who heals,and who has brought you here today!

  1. Journal about your time in your fraternity / sorority
    • Describe your overall experience as a Greek member
    • Begin with thanksgiving and reflection on the good experience of Greek life
    • What were your favorite highlights? What were the most positive aspects during this time?
    • What was the most difficult for you? What were the painful experiences in your Greek experience?
  2. Were you hurt by brothers / sisters or an advisor?
    • Is there a wound(s) that you’ve been ignoring or not letting Jesus in to? Let Him sit there with you.
    • Who do you need to forgive?
    • How are these wounds affecting your relationship with Jesus?
    • How are they affecting your ability to be a missionary, especially reaching out to other Greeks?
  3. What aspects of the culture are still part of your life?
    • Perfection
    • Being used for your talents or status
    • Lack of virtue—drinking/partying, over-sexualized image
  4. Do you ever struggle with negative self talk because of what was said to you in Greek life?
  5. Are you satisfied with your Greek experience? Or do you still feel like you have something to prove?
  6. What’s stirring in your heart?
  7. How do you think Jesus wants to heal you?
  8. What do you need in order to be healed?
    • Take some time to renounce the binds that the Enemy might have on you because of unknown or unrecognized oaths you made during initiation.
    • Invite Jesus in to your most difficult moments during your Greek experience.
  9. Thank Jesus that because of your Greek experience, you have heard the call to intentional Greek mission within your chapter!

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