Fully Alive

There is no doubt that Greek life contributes to a unique, formative, and often all-encompassing college experience for those who participate in it. We want to contribute to and foster the goodness that can come from a student’s participation in Greek life throughout their time in college by integrating it into a relationship with Christ and Christ’s vision for our lives.

In this study, you will lead your participants through a discussion of various topics that many students encounter, but are often amplified in Greek life, such as relationships, alcohol, and the desire for success, and how these topics can be seen through the lens of faith. Through these conversations, there is a great opportunity for us as Bible study leaders to provide a space for the Lord to transform the hearts and minds of those involved, to inspire them with the assurance that they are known and loved by Him and made for a relationship with Him. With this, we hope to inspire and equip them with the knowledge and understanding they need to become amazing leaders in their chapters!


This first chapter will be the longest in the study, as it lays the foundation of our identity as beloved sons and daughters of God. In the remaining chapters, we will explore how other topics in Greek life relate to this foundational identity.


This chapter will help us navigate the real desires we have for authentic and life-giving relationships and the struggles we face to get there. Our relationships can point us to God and his goodness in so many ways; but when they are out of order with God’s designs, they can also be a source of confusion, pain, anger, and temptation to sin.


In this chapter, we’re going to look at God’s vision for sex established in Genesis and how that vision becomes twisted through sexual sin. We’ll also look at some Scripture passages that reveal God’s true vision for marriage as something we can strive for as we live out our Christian faith and identity.


The Lord doesn’t want us to live as slaves to a created substance; he wants us to be fully alive and to experience the joy that created things have to offer, but always in a way that reflects and points back to him.


This week, we are discussing the topic of success and the Church’s understanding of Christian excellence. The goal of this chapter is to help your participants identify and break free from the strain to be perfect and successful in their endeavors and to embrace a true Christian understanding of excellence.


During this study, you as the leader will have the opportunity help your group reflect on what is revealed through the six days of work and the seventh day of rest during the creation story. The structure of this narrative teaches us an important truth: we are invited into labor by God, but we are ultimately created for rest and worship. We are created for the sabbath.

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