He Leadeth Me- How Beauty Can Lead You to God

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In this first episode of our series on beauty, Katie Weiss, Founder of Behold Visio Divina joins Jessica to talk about why beauty is important for the spiritual life. Jess and Katie discuss:

  • The 3 transcendentals: truth, goodness, and beauty
  • Is beauty “in the eye of the beholder” or is beauty objective?
  • St. Thomas Aquinas’ teaching on the 3 aspects of beauty: integrity, proportion, and clarity.

Katie Weiss is the Founder of Behold Visio Divina, a ministry that seeks to teach people how to pray with art. Katie lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and is expecting their first baby.

If you would like to learn more about Behold Visio Divina, check out their website here:  www.beholdvisiodivina.com or view their Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/behold.visiodivina/?hl=en

If you would like to see artwork by some of the Catholic artists Katie mentioned, you can view their artwork at the links below:

Sofia Novelli- https://www.sofianovelli.com/en/sacred-art

Dony McManus- https://donymacmanus.com/

Kate Copato- https://www.visualgrace.org/

Blair Barlow – https://www.blairbarlowart.com/

Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin serves as Manager of Spiritual Formation for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. She has worked for FOCUS for 10 years and resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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