He Leadeth Me- Offer It Up!

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FOCUS National Chaplain Fr. Gabriel Gillen joins Jessica to talk about suffering and the tremendous power it has when “offered up.” Fr. Gabriel and Jess discuss:

  • The most common questions people ask when they are suffering, such as, “Is my suffering my fault?” “Is God punishing me for my sin?” “If God is good, why isn’t He putting an end to my suffering?”
  • The most important question to ask when you are suffering: “What should I do with my suffering?”
  • Fr. Gabriel tells the story of a young boy who was healed of a snakebite after receiving a blood transfusion from a man who had built up immunities to snakebites. He compares this to the healing power redemptive suffering can have for others when it is offered up.
  • Fr. Gabriel gives advice on how to offer up your sufferings

Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P.- Dominican Friar in the Province of St. Joseph. He was ordained in the year 2000 in Subiaco, Italy. Fr. Gabriel resides at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C. along with Fr. Gregory Pine and the Hillbilly Thomists. In 2022, Fr. Gabriel became a National Chaplain for FOCUS.

Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin serves as Manager of Spiritual Formation for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. She has worked for FOCUS for 10 years and resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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