He Leadeth Me- 3 Ways to Discern God’s Will

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In this episode, Fr. Kevin Dyer is back to explain the 3 Modes of Discerning God’s Will according to St. Ignatius of Loyola. Fr. Kevin and Jess discuss:

  • The first mode of discernment, when God makes His will perfectly clear beyond all doubt
  • The second mode, when God attracts a person’s heart to His will by means of consolation and desolation
  • The third mode, when a person uses his or her reasoning faculties to make a decision.

Fr. Kevin also shares

  • The mode of discernment that he thinks is the rarest
  • His advice to people who want to make a step away from their current situation but don’t yet feel God’s call to something else
  • His advice on how to pray through the different modes of discernment

Fr. Kevin Dyer, S.J., is a priest in the Society of Jesus and serves FOCUS as Senior National Chaplain. Fr. Dyer completed studies at St. Louis University and Boston College and was ordained in 2010. In 2019, he became a part-time FOCUS National Chaplain, and in 2022 he stepped into the role of Senior National Chaplain. Fr. Dyer resides in Denver, Colorado.

Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin
Jessica Navin serves as Manager of Spiritual Formation for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. She has worked for FOCUS for 10 years and resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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