Examination of Conscience Smorgasbord

A good confession is only as good as the preparation we put into it. Vital to that preparation is examining our consciences.

A variety of examinations have been created over the roughly 2,000 years of Catholic history. We’ve assembled a variety of them for you to use to prepare for your next confession.

Each examination featured here approaches things a little differently. Check them out and see which one(s) help you the most.

Do you have any favorite examinations that aren’t on our list? Share them in the comments.

Jonathan Teixeira
Jonathan Teixeirahttp://truegoodandbeautiful.net
He was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania (also the birthplace of the peppermint patty). He graduated in 2008 from SUNY Geneseo, and has served as an on campus missionary in Vermont, New York City, Illinois, and the Digital Campus. Jonathan was a vegetarian in college, but called it quits when he couldn't resist buffalo wings any longer. He loves jokes, running, pretzels, lemonade, arduino, and singing sacred harp. He and his wife, Amanda, live in Denver, Colorado.

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