Don’t Miss These 15 Exclusive SEEK21 Interviews

Can’t get enough of our SEEK21 speakers? Take a look at 15 more exclusive interviews with some of our SEEK21 speakers. This includes:

  • Fr. Mike Schmitz on the beauty of the Mass
  • Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V. on vocational discernment and standing up for life
  • Dr. Scott Hahn on dating and pursuing the vocation of marriage
  • And many more!

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Fr. Mike Schmitz – Beauty of the Mass

Fr. Mike Schmitz Portrait

Do you find yourself getting distracted or somewhat bored at Mass? You’re not alone, but Fr. Mike Schmitz from the University of Minnesota Duluth wants to give you a fresh perspective on the liturgy. He challenges you not to consider what you can ‘get’ while worshiping God, but what you can ‘give.’ In this podcast episode, you’ll learn what it means to be a ‘kingdom priest,’ and how to gain a better appreciation for what happens on the altar at Mass.

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Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V. – Vocational Discernment and Standing for Life

Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V.

In this episode, Jake talks to Sr. Bethany from the Sisters of Life. She shares how she discerned her call and what it was like to give up her dream of having a family, only to discover that she would find even more joy as a religious sister. Sr. Bethany also gives hope to you if you feel scared about evangelizing to your friends.

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Dr. Edward Sri – SEEK21 Experience

Dr. Edward Sri Portrait

Dr. Edward Sri is here to tell you all about his talk at SEEK21 this year! He’s also very excited about the SEEK21 experience as a whole; the entire event is going to be one you will never forget. You can learn more at Hear more about his work at FOCUS and some of his new projects coming up.

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Chris Stefanick – Authentic Christian Joy

Chris Stefanick

Do you ever find it difficult to obtain the happiness and joy the world claims you can have with wealth, esteem, or pleasure? Are you searching for something that will truly give you fulfillment? Chris Stefanick talks to Kevin and Jake about what authentic Christian joy truly entails, and how to not let external stresses take it away. Chris gives insight on how the Catholic life is not about worry, fear, and self-criticism. Rather, because of Jesus’ love for you, he wants you to know that you are worthy and beloved.

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Dr. Scott Hahn – Dating and Pursuing the Vocation of Marriage

Dr. Scott Hahn

As a college student, navigating the difficult waters of dating and discernment of marriage may seem nearly impossible. Catholic singles are told by the world to find the spouse that will make them happy, but isn’t it about something deeper? Dr. Scott Hahn has a mature view of what the Sacrament of Marriage is all about, and he gives you practical advice and pointers on how to know if you are with the one that God intends for you.

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Jason Evert – Chastity

Jason Evert

You’ve heard about the #MeToo movement; celebrities and influencers on social media have challenged us to reflect on the ways we may have treated others disrespectfully. Yet how do we actually heal from this sexualized rampant mess we seem to have gotten into? The answer might be a bit deeper than a simple hashtag, but is it a start? Unpack what purity and modesty truly mean with Jason Evert, as he explores and challenges you to live out the unique calling that you have been given.

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Leah Darrow – True Beauty

Leah Darrow

If you have ever been convinced that you’ve gone too far and could never be restored to your original dignity, this conversation is for you. Leah Darrow is someone who once felt ashamed, lost, and broken. She was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, but because of God’s grace, she now devotes her time to helping women claim their beauty of who they are in Christ. Leah will challenge you to not worry about having the “perfect” filter on social media, but instead to take the mask off and embrace authenticity and intentionality.

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Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC – Spiritual Growth and Prayer

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Have you ever done something so bad that you feel God’s forgiveness would never be granted? Think again. Someone who was once arrested in a foreign country for helping to smuggle drugs is now a Catholic priest. Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC now devotes his life to preaching about mercy, grace, and second chances. He’ll talk to Kevin and Jake about the importance of Confession and discernment, and he also gets into his love for surfing too!

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Dr. Edward Sri – Relativism

Dr. Edward Sri Portrait

Do you find it difficult to stand up for the faith and your values? Do your peers ridicule your beliefs on life and marriage? We now live in a culture that does not uphold any objective truth, but you are called for more! In this episode, Dr. Edward Sri calls you to rise above the tides of relativism and helps you to boldly stand up for Church teaching, even in the midst of fear and opposition.

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Paul J. Kim – Suffering

Paul J. Kim

What suffering are you dealing with right now? How are you dealing with it? Are you giving it to God or reacting against it? Paul J. Kim, a young Catholic artist and speaker, challenges you to look at suffering in the lens of Christ. He offers insight on how to positively carry your cross and thrive even when there is confusion, stress, and anxiety.

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Jennifer Fulwiler – Conversion

Jennifer Fulwiler

Do you have a friend or family member who is away from the faith? Do they seem ‘anti-Catholic?’ Hope is not lost! Jennifer Fulwiler was once a militant pro-choice atheist, but she now has a powerful conversion story to share with you! She also gives you some valuable advice on how to be an effective form of evangelization for your loved ones away from the Church.

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Sarah Swafford – Emotional Virtue

Sarah Swafford

You’ve heard about purity all your life, but Sarah Swafford may give you a unique perspective on it in this interview. She spends her time writing and speaking about ’emotionally purity.’ What is that, exactly? She gets into this topic and gives great dating discernment advice!

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Msgr. James Shea – Evangelization on Campus

Msgr. James Shea

Msgr James Shea, as the President of University of Mary, knows a thing or two about young people. If you’re a young person wanting to deepen your faith and grow in evangelization, you need to hear his great advice. He also shares his vocation story and gives you the best way to look at priestly discernment. You can learn more about University of Mary in this interview as well!

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Eileen Piper – SEEK21 Experience

Eileen Piper

SEEK21 will be bigger and better than ever! Could you picture your favorite Catholic speaker getting into an airplane and showing up at your parish for the SEEK21 event? It could happen! Eileen Piper from Parish Outreach tells you more, as well as some of the other exciting projects underway at FOCUS.

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Spencer Purdy – Life as a FOCUS Missionary

Spencer Purdy

Spencer Purdy is the FOCUS team director at Texas A&M, and he is in to tell you all about SEEK21 and his life as a missionary. He started thinking about becoming a missionary all because of a girl he met on a dating site! He shares that unforgettable moment and how God is using FOCUS to touch young lives. You can support him as a missionary at

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Trevor Jin
Trevor Jin
Trevor works for FOCUS as a Formation Specialist, writing and creating videos.

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