FOCUS Greek Missionaries at NST in Ave Maria Hanging Out

For Students and Disciples

  1. How are you calling me to reach out to the men and women in my chapter? What are ways I can reach out to them?
  2. What are ways I can make my faith a priority especially during recruitment/rush? How will others know that I’m a Christian by my words and actions? How can I meet the new members in my chapter and grow in friendship with them?
  3. How will I pray and fast for my brothers and sisters to know Christ?
  4. In what ways can I serve them and show them the heart of Christ?
  5. Who could I invite to Sunday Mass? To join a Greek Bible study?
  6. Where and how will I encounter my brothers and sisters? Chapter or committee meetings, meals, the library, in the house, etc.?
  7. Is there an exec position that I could run for in order to be a servant leader and be a light in my chapter? Other ways that I could be a leader by my witness?
  8. How can I invite my friends into this mission?
  9. Who are other faith-filled Catholics who could encourage me and hold me accountable to reaching out to my brothers and sisters? Who will remind me of my true identity?
  10. What resources or support do I need to carry this out?

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