The FOCUS Team

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students is a Catholic collegiate outreach whose mission is to share the hope and joy of the gospel with college and university students, inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship and friendships in which they lead others to do the same.

SEEK23 Adoration

Jesus' journey to your heart. Thank you Lord for your Heavenly presence.

Welcome to SEEK23

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SEEK23 – You are called to be transformed.

Fr. John Ignatius' life was changed by SEEK. Whatever your nerves are, remember that God has an opportunity to transform you there in St. Louis, MO. SEEK23 is a five day...

SEEK23 – You are called to witness.

The Lord is calling you to witness his love. No matter the challenge, Christ will bring you deeper into relationship with him. There are so many opportunities to witness who Jesus...

SEEK23 – Seminarian Experience

This year at SEEK23, seminarians are invited to exclusive impact talks, special events and more encountering God's mercy anew while being equipped with practical mission tools. Check it out at...

SEEK23 – You are Called to Authentic Friendship

You are called to authentic friendship. The Lord will provide so many opportunities for you to meet amazing people - someone you can call a friend. Invite a friend to join...