Molly Judd

Molly Judd is working in Washington D.C. at the Chiaroscuro Institute as the Programmes Coordinator for Women Speak for Themselves and I Believe in Love, after a summer at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. She studied Theology and dabbled in International Business at Benedictine College where she encountered FOCUS. She loves drinking her coffee black, skimming Pinterest for the latest fashion trends, and all things Dominican. Her heart is full of many things including her family back home in St. Louis of 8, friends, good wine, and a passion for women's issues particularly within the realm of sex, marriage, and family.

The “Girl Apostle” and How Women Can Change the World

“No one will even know what you are talking about,” she told me. “You need to be able to meet them where they’re at, or they will never see...