Helen M. Alvaré

Helen M. Alvaré is an Associate Professor of Law who, prior to joining the George Mason faculty, was an associate professor at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law. Professor Alvaré worked at the Office of General Counsel for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, where she drafted amicus briefs in leading U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning abortion, euthanasia and the Establishment Clause. For the next ten years, she worked with the Secretariat for Pro- Life Activities at the NCCB. Professor Alvaré is an advisor to Pope Benedict XVI’s Pontifical Council for the Laity, as well as an ABC News consultant. Currently, she is spearheading the campaign for religious freedom against the HHS mandate through the “Women Speak for Themselves” campaign.

Day 4 Keynote: Leading from a Catholic Worldview by Helen M. Alvaré

Dr. Johnathon Reyes and Helen Alvaré will bring it home with the teachings of the Apostles in Acts 2:42​ and how, if we are to live as true missionary...