Heather Addington

Heather is a 7th year Missionary and Team Director at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She hails from the Central Valley of California and, after having a conversion through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, became a missionary in 2015. She was sent to the East Region and has previously served at The United States Coast Guard Academy and the University of Maryland. Her greatest joy is proclaiming Jesus and accompanying souls to Him. She also enjoys coffee, bold earrings, dogs of all forms, wine tasting, thrifting, and having spiritual conversations. Fun Fact: She is a quadruplet and was the surprise 4th child (she was hidden in the womb & her parents thought they were only having triplets)!

School Is Back in Session: 4 How-Tos for Maintaining Your Faith

The fall season is much like a “new year” in many ways. We are starting new jobs or another year of school; it’s a time of transition. If you’re...