Hannah Vollmer

Hannah grew up in Jasper, Indiana, where she experienced the beauty of God’s creation in the rural landscape that surrounded her. After graduating from Ball State University with a B.A. in Creative Writing, she found herself moving to Madison, WI, determined not to lose her Southern accent and love of country music. While she has acclimated to the jumping around of the city AND her students in FOCUS, she has also discovered the farmer’s market and corner coffee shops that remind her of home. She adores reading, writing, ultimate Frisbee, baseball and taking walks in the autumn breeze. You can most likely find her baking, dancing in her kitchen and listening to stories of where people came from and where they’re going.

Don’t Leave Jesus Behind on Campus for Christmas Break

I can remember feeling the weight being lifted from my shoulders as I turned in my last final and headed for home. Next stop: three glorious weeks of watching...