Elyse Schweighofer and Taryn Dennis

Elyse, born and raised the God's Country (Texas), served for two years as a missionary at Benedictine College between her travels to every corner of the world on mission trips (now four continents and counting). Taryn's first missionary assignment was as an outreach baby while her parents served with Campus Crusade for Christ. Once joining FOCUS, she spent two years in Springvegas at Missouri State University. This year Elyse and Taryn, who more affectionaly refer to one another in German as Hausfrau (Housewife) and Taschehund (Pursedog-not a real German word), were called on a new adventure to launch one of FOCUS’s first international campuses in Graz, Austria, which consists mostly of learning how to bike through Austrian traffic and to accept God’s incredible mercies.

The German Word You Need to Know

Guten Tag von Österreich (hello from Austria) — and welcome to “German Word of the Season”! The German language is full of fun guttural noises we native English speakers...