Adam Ybarra

Adam was born in Western Nebraska and through many miles, has lived in Lincoln, Greeley, Fort Collins, Omaha and is now back in Denver. He STILL asserts, however, that Omaha is his Homaha! A 16-year veteran of FOCUS and a founding member of FOCUS Greek, he has served as a missionary at Northern Colorado, as the founding Team Director at Colorado State University and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Currently, he is a Senior Events Specialist at the DSC where it’s all things SEEK! If you’re ever in Omaha and looking for a place to eat that’s off the beaten path, give him a call!

Who Decides Who You REALLY Are?

By now, you’ve probably found most of your classes... Like a well-seasoned veteran, you’ve entered all test dates into your planner... For those privileged few, you’re gearing up for the start...