FOCUS Students and Missionaries in a Chapel in Rome Praying

Sunday: For the Holy Spirit to fill your brothers/sisters with restored hope, joy, and love. For an increased desire for repentance and being made new!

Monday: For God to take away all the known negativity in your chapter. Fast until 3 pm.

Tuesday: For the Holy Spirit to reveal an increased vision and zeal to you and your chapter leaders in the ways of wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength and prudence. Take a cold shower.

Wednesday: For God to protect you and your chapter from the enemy, especially from his whispers of temptation, doubt, deception, busyness, fear, etc. Fast from sweets (for all the Greeks!).

Thursday: For the Holy Spirit to reveal to you those who are most lost and in need of love and friendship. For your desire to walk with them. Fast from all drinks except water.

Friday: For the Holy Spirit to inspire you and your chapter leaders with a strong desire for prayer and fasting. Fast from meat.

Saturday: That God may bless your efforts with the help of the Holy Spirit, more brothers/sisters, fellow students, staff, and community leaders. Pray on your knees right after you wake up – “Jesus, I trust in You.”

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