30 Ways to Win a Catholic Girl’s Heart

1. Tell her you’ve been praying to St. Anthony to find her.

Maggie Smith Love

2. Ask her to join you for donuts after Sunday Mass.

Donut Drinking Coffee
I think this is actually how Jim asked Jeannie out for the first time.

3. Brag about how good you are at changing diapers.

Changing Diapers
This skill WILL come in handy one-day. Start learning now.

4. Start all of your dates with a visit to an adoration chapel to see Jesus.

Indiana Jones
But maybe don’t be quite this forceful about it.

5. Bring her roses and tell her they’re from St. Thérèse.

Will Ferrell - Flour
Warning: This could backfire if you pick the wrong color.

6. Let her know you appreciate how she dresses modestly.

A Woman Saying Thank You
Follow it up with a compliment that points to her character and you will earn two bonus points.

7. Quote her lines from JPII’s Theology of the Body.

Elsa as a Child
“The communion of persons means existing in a mutual ‘for,’ in a relationship of mutual gift” (TOB January 9, 1980).

8. Tell her she kind of reminds you of Bl. Mother Teresa.

Saint Shield
Or St. Joan or Arc. Or St. Edith Stein. It all depends on how she expresses her feminine genius.(TOB January 9, 1980).

9. Let her go first in the communion line.

Thank you from Friends
This is way more touching than opening a door, but do that too.

10. Comment on how adorable Pope Francis is.

Pope Francis with a Kid
Okay, come on, he really is that cute.

11. Suggest for her to take her puppy to the next blessing of pets on St. Francis’ feast day.

Puppy with a Toy
So many points won here.

12. Pray for her.

Two Guys Praying
Heart-melting powers at their best.

13. Invite her to go on a rosary walk.

Dog that Wants to Go for a Walk
Wouldn’t your Mama Mary be proud?

14. Before you ask her out, become her friend.

A Guy and a Girl at a Bar
Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

15. Always play Matt Maher when she’s in your car.

Car Radio
You could even make a special playlist on your device for her called “Bae’s List.”

16. Ask her to save the first dance for you at the SLS16 hoedown.

Princess Cinderella
The white coat might seem like a bit of overkill at first, but it’d be a nice touch.

17. Sit next to her at Mass… so you can hold her hand during the Our Father.

There's no other hand that I would rather hold
And when it’s time to let go, give her an extra special squeeze.

18. Treat her like a princess.

Princess Diaries - Anne Hathaway
After all, she is the daughter of a King.

19. Actually listen to her when she’s talking.

Dog Listening
It’s hard. We know. But you can do it!

20. If Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday in Lent, make her spaghetti with Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs.

Hamsters Eating Spaghetti
Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like conforming to liturgical mandates.

21. Become a Swiss Guard.

Swiss Guards
The outfit speaks for itself.

22. Serenade her.

Full House Marriage
Depending on the seriousness of your relationship, something like “Set Me as A Seal” by Matt Maher would do quite well.

23. Assure her you’d never leave her for the seminary.

Princess Leia - I Know
Okay, don’t really do that. Even if it would relieve a lot of potential anxiety. Really. Don’t. Do. That.

24. When you are trying to pick a movie to watch together, suggest a period drama.

Pride and Prejudice
There are just so many to choose from, and all of the really good ones are at least five hours or 10+ episodes long! (Score!)

25. Let her know about your weekly phone date with Grandma.

Saved by the Bell - On the Phone
This way she’ll know you won’t be answering texts during that time.

26. Carry a rosary in your pocket and wear a scapular around your neck.

Back to the Future

27. Respect her body.

Emperor's New Groove - No Touchy!
You know what that means.

28. Buy her some bling… like holy medals or a rosary.

Cat with Bling
And go ahead and get it blessed by your bishop before you give it to her.

29. Beat her to finding the next hymn at Mass, and then offer her your book.

Napoleon Dynamite - Yes
What a gentleman you are, anticipating her needs like that!

30. Tell her that you’ve been writing letters to your future spouse too!

Jimmy Fallon Writing Letters
Mic drop. You’ve just made all of her dreams (well, most of them) come true!

Be saints; it’s worth it!

Lisa Cotter
Lisa Cotter
Lisa Cotter is a Catholic speaker and author known for her practical insights on relationships, femininity, and living life with excellence. After serving as a FOCUS missionary family for over 10 years, Lisa and her husband Kevin Cotter have continued to share their passion for the Faith with Catholics all around the world. Lisa is the author of Reveal the Gift: Living the Feminine Genius and Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World. Her work has been featured on Ascension Presents, the Hallow App, EWTN, Formed.org, Steubenville Youth Conferences, and numerous other outlets. Lisa and Kevin live with their four children in Denver, CO, where Lisa is completing a Master’s in Theology from the Augustine Institute.

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