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For Students and Disciples

  1. Do a cleaning project in your House that no one else wants to do…. AKA every cleaning project.
  2. Offer to do someone’s chore(s) in addition to your own. Clean up the house on the weekends when no one is watching.
  3. Offer to drive for events and socials.
  4. Get on a committee or run for an executive position.
  5. If they are financially in trouble, help them pay their dues.
  6. Go to plenty of events on the calendar. This will create more opportunities for you to minister to them.
  7. Cook for your big or little from time to time, and invite a few new members to join.
  8. Host study nights at the chapter house. (bring coffee/snacks)
  9. Lead a philanthropy event for your chapter and invite a new member to shadow you.
  10. Bring soda, snacks or food to your chapter or leadership meetings.
  11. Offer to pray for/with them often (including before or after chapter meetings).
  12. Offer your service at chapter events, even if you aren’t on that particular committee.
  13. In addition to giving financially to your church, set aside a portion of your income towards blessing a brother or sister each month.
  14. Write a thank you note or encouragement letter to someone in the chapter (start with someone new!).
  15. Present or make available resources to you chapter that will help them become the best version of themselves, and give them an opportunity to encounter Christ more deeply. (try one new resource every few months!)

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