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For Students and Disciples

  1. Share your testimony with a new member.
  2. Invite them to a retreat/conference.
  3. Read a book with them and meet weekly to talk about it.
  4. Lead a Bible study or prayer group in your House.
  5. Do a walking Rosary before tailgates.
  6. Take them to Mass, Adoration, and Confession.
  7. Get a priest/religious sister/FOCUS Missionary to speak at one of your chapter meetings.
  8. Take on the role of pledge coordinator or new member educator to have an influence on the incoming members.
  9. Get a composite picture of your members. Go down the list and pray for one brother/sister per night.
  10. Do a prayer walk through your House or on Greek row (rosaries or Divine Mercy Chaplets).
  11. Passionately seek God in your life so that the gospel would be revealed through your speech and actions in increasing measure.
  12. Watch a movie with that has a spiritual theme and have a discussion afterwards.
  13. Set up an appointment with a brother or sister who is seeking God. Walk them through a beginning article from the Foundations for Discipleship blue book.
  14. Have them read/listen to the spiritual growth blog articles/videos and talks on focus.org or focusequip.org!
  15. Spend time with them outside of fraternity/sorority/ministry events to build a relationship with them and get to know the broken areas of their life – so that you can reveal to them their need for Jesus.

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