10 Biblical Men You’ll Meet in College

Ever wonder what some famous people in the Bible would’ve been like in college?

Yeah, I do too. So I let my imagination go crazy and here’s what I came up with:

10. Noah – the savvy engineer

His homework assignment was to engineer a boat…only using his arms as measurements!  And as we know, he passed with flying colors….see what I did there?

9. Moses – the guy with the tablet obsession

We get it, Moses, laptops are useless now. So let my PC go.

8. Abraham – the old grad student

He’s a father figure to many and he can really relate to the sacrifices of an undergrad. Plus he never looked back on what he left behind.

7. Daniel – the interpretive dancer

Very talented and some of his performances sure sparked some “hell-fire” in the department. GOOO LIONS!

6. Jacob – the athlete

He was probably getting ready for a career in pro-wrestling.

5. David – the frat boy

Status and the party scene go hand-in-hand for this guy but deep down he’s a really awesome leader who turned his life around.

4. Joseph – the boy next door

The strong, silent type! Studious, hard worker, respectful and down to earth. He’s meant to be a great dad someday!

3. Peter – the student body president

Fluent, charismatic, flawed yet apologetic. I would vote for him cuz he ROCKS!

2. Paul – the excessive-note taker

If you asked him to send you the notes for class, expect a book, with a detailed letter about his life.

1. Jesus – your actual best friend

This is the guy you want in your life during college. Never flaky, means what he says, helps you realize your worth, super wise and isn’t afraid to lay down his life for you. Keep this friend in your life!

Ana Perez
Ana Perez
Born and raised 15 minutes from Mexico in the small city of Eagle Pass, Texas, Ana graduated from Texas State University in 2013 with a degree in Mass Communication, which is where she met Jesus for the first time. She is now serving as a second year FOCUS missionary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and has learned a lot about her own faith at this small Baptist school. This very loud Hispanic girl from the country of Texas is in love with tacos, social media, the Blessed Virgin Mary and pretty much anything that can make her laugh or cry, sometimes both at the same time. She’s not afraid of being quirky and you can probably find her catching up on SNL skits/Youtube videos in the office that she will quote every day for a month (because she likes to “beat a dead horse” and “kill jokes” like that).

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