Rediscover the one story that really matters, revealed through Scripture—and your place in it! FOCUS’ Bible Study will guide you through the big picture of salvation history. With seven sessions, reencounter God’s love for his people, reclaim the story of salvation as your story, and learn to share God’s story with others. Participate on your own or bring your friends and family along for the journey!

Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri invite you to encounter Jesus face-to-face through His word and hear the personal message He’s been telling you all along: You are not alone. You are beloved. You are His.

Videos released Wednesdays (Feb 14 to March 27) at 7PM ET / 6PM CT

Also available in podcast format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of each session?

Feb 14 – Episode 1: Adam

Feb 21 – Episode 2: Noah

Feb 28 – Episode 3: Abraham

Mar 6 – Episode 4: Moses

Mar 13 – Episode 5: David

Mar 20 Episode 6: Ezra/Nehemiah

Mar 27Episode 7: Jesus

Does it cost anything to participate?

No! The Bible Study video series and podcast are free though registration is required.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is interested in understanding the “Big Picture” of the Bible and their place in it! It’s ideal for post-college graduates, families, working professionals and more!

Why is FOCUS hosting this Bible study?

Many have expressed a desire to receive some of the training in evangelization and discipleship that FOCUS has successfully employed for nearly 25 years. This is an opportunity to receive specialized formative content and proven evangelization skills to enter more deeply into mission.

Do I have to watch on Wednesdays?

No! New episodes in the series are released on Wednesdays at 7pm EST, but you may watch it on a day and time that works best for you and anyone you participate with!

How long are the episodes?

Each episode is approximately 40 minutes.

Where can I find the link to watch the episodes?

On February 14, the first episode will be available publicly on this page and YouTube. Links to episodes 2-7 will be emailed each week to those who register!

Is the podcast different than the videos?

The podcast is the same content as the video series, just in a different format! This is to accommodate people’s varying lifestyles and provide an easy way to re-visit content over and over again!

What is Meeting the Messiah?

This year, we’re excited to offer a leadup to the Bible Study: Meeting the Messiah. This is a four week series led by Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri that explores Biblical encounters with the person of Jesus Christ. It is a great introduction for people who are less familiar with the Catholic faith or small groups. Invite a friend or group to participate with you!

I‘ve participated in the past. Is it worth participating again?

Absolutely! Revisiting the content allows for new insights and leads to deeper transformation. We also invite you to see this as an opportunity to be a missionary disciple by inviting others to go on this journey with you! We’ve provided resources to make that easier than ever!

I want to participate with others. How can I do that?

Simply invite friends or family over to your home, parish, or any other gathering space where you can watch the week’s video! After you watch it, use our group discussion guides to facilitate a conversation that leads to deeper understanding, transformation and friendship.

Is there anything being offered after the Bible study?

Yes! For those who are interested, discipleship training groups led by veteran FOCUS missionaries will be offered. This is a great opportunity to learn how to share your faith with others and strengthen your ability to participate in Christ’s mission for you! Make it through to episode 7 of the study to learn more!

What chapters will be covered each week?

While chapters may not be covered in their entirety, here is a rough outline (subject to change) for each week of the Salvation History Bible Study:

Week 1: Genesis 2-6

Week 2: Genesis 6-9

Week 3: Genesis 12-22; 37, 39, 41, 50

Week 4: Exodus 1-12; 24, 32; Numbers 13-14; Deuteronomy 28, 30

Week 5: 1 Samuel 1-8, 16-17; 2 Samuel 5-7, 11-12

Week 6: Ezra 3-8; Nehemiah 2-6

Week 7: Daniel 7,9; Isaiah 11; Jeremiah 31; Ezekiel 36; Matthew 1, 4, 16; Acts 1