Introducing the Love Life Video Series

This video series seeks to build a culture of life on college campuses and throughout western culture by providing practical talking points on pro-life issues.

Today, we released all 11 videos:

1. Unborn People are People | Dr. Ryan Anderson

In this video, Dr. Ryan Anderson makes simple cases for three points:

  1. Unborn babies are human beings in the biological sense
  2. Unborn babies are human persons deserving dignity
  3. Unborn persons deserve legal protection.

2. Abortion Abuses Women | Kristan Hawkins

Contrary to the mistaken idea that abortion helps women, Kristan Hawkins provides basic talking points to show that abortion hurts women. Not only does abortion deny the rights of unborn women, but it also subtly undermines women’s rights and opens the door for women to be pressured into abortion. For many pressured into abortion, killing one’s child is not a genuinely free “choice.”

3. Abortion and the Catholic Church | Fr. Josh Johnson

Just as the Catholic Church stands for the dignity of the poor and racially oppressed, the Church also stands the most vulnerable people in our society: the unborn. In this video Father Josh Johnson provides talking points explaining why the Church seeks to protect the unborn and why it is incoherent to say, “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I support a women’s right to choose.

4. Healing After Abortion | Irene Zamorano Archacki

In this video, Irene Zamorano Archacki, a post-abortive woman, discusses her experience of obtaining an abortion and the aftermath of that decision. As a representative from the “Silent No More” campaign, Irene relates her own experience of abortion as a false “choice,” her regret, and how she found healing after her abortion.

5. Rape, Incest, and Unborn Babies | Kristan Hawkins

Pro-abortion advocates often cite rape and incest as evidence to support legalized abortion. In this video Kristan Hawkins explains why abortion after rape and/or incest does not solve a problem; instead, it simply adds evil to evil – causing additional harm to the woman and child. Killing an unborn child is never an acceptable response to the evil of rape.

6. Life After Roe: What Do We Do Now? | Dr. Ryan Anderson

In the wake of the Dobbs case, there is a lot of confusion about the Supreme Court’s decision. In this video, Ryan Anderson explains what the case changed and what it did not change. Further, this video will give some pointers on ways to advance the pro-life cause given the new legal-political landscape.

7. Walking with Abortion-Minded Women | Sr. Maris Stella, S.V.

Practically speaking, how does one accompany and support vulnerable, pregnant women? In this video, Sr. Maris Stella, S.V. provides practical tips on how to walk with women who might be in danger of choosing abortion.

8. Pro-Life in the New Evangelization | Curtis Martin

Pope John Paul II was passionate about a lot of things, but two his greatest passions were the “New Evangelization” and the “Culture of Life.” In this video FOCUS founder and CEO, Curtis Martin, explains how these two movements must progress together, advances on the one front will positively affect the other. He will challenge all apostolates involved in evangelization to throw their weight into building a culture of life.

9. Abortion: More than a Religious Issue | David Bereit

“If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one. And don’t impose your religion on me.” The position that abortion is merely a religious issue has a widespread influence in western culture. In this video, David Bereit shows that abortion is much more than a religious issue. Religious and non-religious alike have grounds to think that abortion is wrong. Just as religious and non-religious people opposed slavery, so too should both groups stand together in opposition to abortion, an egregious violation of basic human rights.

10. Abortion and Ectopic Pregnancies | Kristan Hawkins

Pro-abortion advocates often cite ectopic pregnancies as justification to support legalized abortion. In this video Kristan Hawkins explains why this argument is misguided. In addition, as a pro-life activist who frequently speaks on these matters, Kristan provides general pointers on how to effectively speak about pro-life issues.

11. How YOU Can Make a Life-Saving Impact | David Bereit

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, millions have been awakened to the importance of the pro-life movement. Many wonder how to get involved, asking how best to invest their time, talent, and treasure. In this video, David Bereit shares a couple stories that exhibit some of the most effective pro-life endeavors in history. He then will use these stories as a springboard to illustrate his recommendations on how to get involved in pro-life work.


Trevor Jin
Trevor Jin
Trevor works for FOCUS as a Formation Specialist, writing and creating videos.

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