5 Exclusive Talks

Hear never-before-released talks from Fr. Mike Schmitz, Dr. Edward Sri, and more!

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Fr. Mike Schmitz

Why Spiritual Formation?

In this never-before-released talk given only to FOCUS missionaries, Fr. Mike asks: why should we do spiritual formation? It almost seems like too obvious a question to need an answer. But in typical Fr. Mike fashion, he gives an insightful answer that takes us well beyond the obvious.

Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V.

The Father: His Love, His Mercy, and His Call

No one blends stand-up comedy, truth-preaching, and captivating storytelling quite like Sr. Bethany. This talk is a prime example, in which she weaves those elements into a beautiful talk on our Heavenly Father and our relationship with Him.

Dr. Edward Sri

Moral Authority

To evangelize effectively, you must win the right to be heard. And to win the right to be heard, you must have moral authority. In this never-before-released talk to FOCUS missionaries, Dr. Sri explains what moral authority is and why it has been a centerpiece of FOCUS formation since the founding of the apostolate over 20 years ago.

Hilary Draftz

The High Call and Vision for Spiritual Multiplication

Hilary Draftz became a FOCUS missionary in 2005. She now serves as FOCUS’ West Area Director, in which capacity she oversees 200 missionaries on 40 college campuses. In this talk she covers what might be called the “secret sauce” of FOCUS: spiritual multiplication. She explains what it is and how to spiritually multiply.

Dr. Jonathan Reyes

The Human Person: Classical Anthropology

In this never-before-released talk, Dr. Jonathan Reyes discusses the fundamental principle of how we are made. His key insight is at the heart of everything from creation to redemption to final fulfillment to your whole life. Discipleship, evangelization, apostolate, service of the poor, love of spouse, family life—everything comes from this insight and finds its completion in it.