FOCUS Lenten Bible Study

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Session 7 - April 5th - The Exodus and the Resurrection

Discussion Questions

  1. Which part of the Bible study stuck out to you?
  2. What are ways that, like the Israelites, you “murmur” about God’s plan for your life? How can we overcome complaining about the way that God is leading us?
  3. Why did the Israelites fall so quickly into their worship of the golden calf? Sometimes we think we have “arrived” in a certain area in our lives, only to fall back into sin. How can we avoid being over-confident in our spiritual progress?
  4. How have you felt tested by God? God tested the Israelites. Jesus was tested. Why does God test us?

What to Read for Next Week: Levitcus 18, Numbers 13, 14, 25, Deuteronomy 28, 30, Joshua 1, 24

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