FOCUS Lenten Bible Study

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Session 5 - March 22nd - Jacob and Joseph

Discussion Questions

  1. Which part of the Bible study stuck out to you?
  2. In what ways does Jacob grasp? How do you grasp rather than receive what God desires to give you? Or in what ways have you attempted to achieve something good, but used the wrong means to do so?
  3. Have you ever felt envious towards someone that you were supposed to love as a brother or a sister? How can we avoid being envious and instead be grateful for the gifts that God has given everyone, including yourself?
  4. We see that, when people in salvation history are walking in God’s ways and striving to follow Him, even their failure can be used by God to bring good; however, when people are trying to take things into their own hands and grasp for God’s blessings, their failures set them back from receiving God’s promise. What does this teach you about failure and trust in God?

What to Read for Next Week: Exodus 1-12

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